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About me



My passion is the future of employment: how do we make sure that the 90% non-entrepreneurs thrive in an entrepreneurial world?


My mission is to empower people with strengthening their entrepreneurial mindset to thrive in tomorrow's world of work, I thrive when I take people from thinking to doing.

Photo by Matthias: https://der-gottwald.de

Photo by Matthias: https://der-gottwald.de


My background (and heart) lie in Social entrepreneurship: I have spent 10 years in Emerging Markets with an overarching mission to empower women to become more entrepreneurial and survive in a complex work context.

I have built training programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America to boost micro entrepreneurs. In South Africa, I co-built a microfranchise center called the Microfranchise Accelerator (MFA) that got an Ashoka and SAP award in 2012 for its catalyzing role in employment. The role of the MFA was to build a portfolio of 2-years holistic programs for microentrepreneur women to grow into successful franchise models. You can read more on the social entrepreneurship page here.


I am now back in Europe where:

I DESIGN programs to transform people and make them take action and innovate;

 COACH on leadership and entrepreneurial mindset;

and FACILITATE around collective intelligence and putting people in movement!


My programs Inspire - Upskill - and support forward !






Cécile has designed a great program for people transitioning through their lives. It helps you draw the big picture behind your past life and the new life you wish to create -- Insaff El Hassini - Lawyer / Founder & Regional Leader of Lean In Paris & Lean In France

Dynamism, energy and an amazing empathy. A cutting-edge knowledge of the digitalization of the businesses. The rare capacity to mix business and social economy Alix Carnot, Partner at Expat communications

Spontanéité, fraicheur, dynamisme, réflexion, organisation, structuration, motivation. Cécile dynamise un groupe, sait être à l'écoute et se remettre en question. Elle va de l’avant!Flore, Paris Pionnières





After 7 years, co-leading a global social entreprise, I have decided to look for new adventures. Easier said than done! Career transition is a long process you should better do equipped with practical tools and surrounded with people who understand what you are going through. Cecile's program provides all that! IMUA program is the result of extensive research combined with a design-thinking results-driven approach. Each call is a perfect blend of practical exercices, knowledge sharing, collective brainstorming and feedbacks. Your peer-to-peer group becomes a genuine support group. I am extremely grateful!  I have learned the importance to dedicate a significant amount of time to yourself, to your wellbeing, to reflexion. I have regained some confidence that I had lost in the way. I have also discovered how different each of us is, even if at 1st it seems we are all looking from the same thing.  – Leila Hoballah, Co-founder of MakeSense


At the beginning I though I knew what I wanted from my job, but going again through fears, values, expectations, etc in a more deep and structured way helped me discover many interesting things. Cecile also uses different tests and questions that bring new perspectives and unexpected ideas. For example I could define more precisely where my strengths are and what is important for me in a working environment, so now when I apply I am much more clear and assertive. What was also very valuable for me was the regular group meetings, which Cecile guides so well, where I could have my words and ideas mirrored back from the other peers. This also brings new perspectives and is very recharging. -- Joana, Public Health Consultant


This class gave me the opportunity to make an assessment of my career and my skills on the one hand, but also to identify more precisely who I am and what I want for me tomorrow, and what I do not want anymore . I know much better value my career, I managed to identify what kind of job I want tomorrow and how to achieve it wisely step by step. Last but not least, I was able to get back to the center of my future evolution, to be certain that what I will do tomorrow will serve my values. The way modules are structured and follow each other has been key to me, such as group work and the mirror effect it provides. -- Carolina, Business Developer in a Large IT Services company


Cecile is a caring, competent, and compassionate facilitator. I have gained an understanding and helpful global group, my transition family, which has helped ease my transition. I think it's important for others to do this programme, as a transition is really a 'chrysalis phase' where one is morphing, and the network and structure that Cecile provides is very helpful. -- Lida, Entrepreneur (pidari.com)


I joined Cécile's transition course after quitting my full-time job not really knowing which direction I wanted to go in the future.  During this transition course Cécile has walked us through a wide range of topics related to find our true passion and purpose in our life and career. This has given me an amazing tool box of different approaches and tools that have helped me to 1) navigate in an often packed and fast paced every day, and 2) to bring in more clarity when in comes to work and career 3) to be strategic and smart about my future career choices in order to reach my goals.  Furthermore, Cécile has an enormous knowledge and passion on this topic and she is an amazing teacher. I find her classes very structured, motivating and fun and I always leave our sessions with a smile on my face. In fact, I was surprised how well the classes work online and how much value it gives to interact with both Cécile and your virtuel class mates. I can highly recommend this course to everyone who finds themself in a situation where they are uncertain about their future career path and how to reach future goals. -- Helle


 I didn't know what to expect from Cécile's career transition programme at first, but it was clear after our first meeting that this was going to be a huge help to me but professionally and personally. Cécile's passion and drive are infectious and help motivate you to make the changes you want to see in your life. The programme really helped me clarify what it is I want to achieve, what has been holding me back and how to channel my energy effectively. It was also a pleasure to meet like-minded people and discuss similar problems. It was reassuring to know I was in the same boat as many others. I can honestly say this became one of the highlights of my week. Thank you Cécile. -- Jon


Cecile's IMUA program helped me to re-think many aspects of my professional and personal life in a very structured and iterative way. The weekly calls and regular peer-coaching sessions allowed thoughts and ideas to sink in, ripen and helped me reflecting on them. After completing the 8 weeks I feel a lot more confident and clear about my skills, strengths, values and my professional (and personal) vision than before. I would recommend this program to anyone in a transition or feels the urge of change.-- Ben, Product Manager


When you are in transition, it seems you are walking through the fog and have a lack of clarity. The programme helps you to disconstruct your past, current behaviours and actions related to your professional life. Thanks to this programme you start taking baby steps to reach your dreamed professional environment and way of working. It brings structure and highly valuable feedback to the process. Transitions is hard enough so having regular meetings, a support group and a methodology of going through is of huge help. The main work is still yours to do but is good to have things to hold on the way. -- Olga Ambot Inyongo, Gender equality technical adviser and trainer.