Manage your career in the Future of Work

I see people in career transition all day long. Many of them are stuck and really hesitate to invest in a programme that teaches them to manage their career and its transitions. Many of them feel that if they reach out and work with a group on it, it means they have failed. 
 The problem is: we have not learnt how to thrive in the world of work and tomorrow’s careers.

I have learnt one thing:

it is incredibly hard to get clarity on what you want to do AND find the energy to get there, no matter your drive and motivation.

Most people hesitate for a while into doing something about their transition. They struggle, try to do it alone, struggle more — and then after a time that is generally too long, realise they need support.

Putting the effort in, investing in learning to manage your career and its transitions is worthwhile. It can get you ahead of the pack because you did not waste time being stuck and fighting against yourself. You can focus all your energy into moving forward.

Cecile Pompei