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#Looking to design your next professional opportunity?

You are a global citizen frustrated in your career – maybe you simply feel like you have outgrown your job, maybe you are going through a personal or professional crisis, maybe because you are following someone to a new country. You have a strong urge to change and your current career does not fulfil or motivate you anymore.  You want more: more meaning, more work-life balance, more alignment.

You have tried to read on the topic and ask around for advice, but it is overwhelming to find answers or motivation on your own. Right now, your self-confidence is taking the hit and the uncertainty is draining you.

That's why I've designed this programme! IMUA is a program to find your unique career fit in two months and gives you momentum to go after it with a methodology – IMUA proves you it is possible.



IMUA's objective is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and apply it to your career: to build your successful next step, while reducing the collateral risks of going after your big bold dream.

The program is based on three pillars:

·       Proven content and tools to help you find the right direction to start

·       Structure to help you focus and clarify your thoughts quickly

·       A community of 8 other inspiring global citizens to motivate and hold you accountable


IMUA happens in two parts: getting clarity (2 months) and Implementation (4 months). I have decided to break it down this way so you could choose to do the 2 parts separately if you wanted to.



Ambitious Global Citizen types that have had about 8-20 years of success in their career, but still feel deep inside that there could be more. People that are ready to take action and to leverage this career transition into an opportunity to do something meaningful and motivating.



·       Part 1 goes for 8 sessions every week. It provides tools and rhythm to build intuitions on what we should do next.  It ends up with 2 methodology sessions to run an experimentation for your career transition. You are now ready to hit the ground with your action plan!

·       Part 2 starts when Part 1 is over and is more of a mastermind format. It goes for 8 sessions as well, but sessions happen every second week for a total of 4 months. Based on the experimentation methodology seen before, the sessions are a mix of reflection, accountability, planning, and structure to make you move forward with the support of your group.



·       It’s all online! You just need an internet connection to log in weekly at a set time.

·       You meet once a week with a group of 8 inspiring others going through a career transition. I curate the group myself carefully and the group becomes a little support-boosting-accountability team

·       After each session, you get an email with a bit of inspiration, resources and a call to action (homework!). You are as well matched in groups of 2 or 3 peers and have extra exercises every week to deepen your reflection.

·       It should all come up to a total involvement of 3 hours minimum on this per week, maximum is up to you!

·       The session time and day of the week are chosen once the group is complete so we make sure we find an arrangement that suits everyone.



Go to the testimonials on the website and read what people have to say about it !



1. Ask me for more information by email:

2. Schedule a 30 min call with me: I interview everyone before we start so I get to help you one on one on your transition regardless if you participate or not, clear doubts about the programme if you had any, and making sure an amazing group is curated! It’s free and does not have any string attached so book your slot here or send me an email:

3.      Book your slot for one of the coming sessions



Jan, March and June 2018



So, will you take action and join us,

or get to or risk staying stuck in a career you don’t like, ending up saying yes to a next job you don’t like because of financial uncertainty, or waste months being stuck without direction or focus. The choice is yours.


“The best way of predicting the future is to create it” Peter F Drucker



 IMUA is Hawaiian and means to move forward with strength and courage!