Carolina's interview: ”See your skills, as trading goods”

”See your skills, as trading goods”


Current job:

VP Business Intelligence and Analytics - Deezer


Could you as an introduction tell us more about your career and the various transitions you made?

I have never had only one interest or been only one thing, and this stems from my upbringing. My father being French/Italian and my mother Swedish, I was surrounded by a very multinational, multicultural environment from a very young age. Since leaving Stockholm at 19 years old, I have had the chance to live, study and work all over the world.

Led by my interest in Latin America, I started my career in Politics working for a Think Tank at the British Parliament, advising MPs and Parliamentarians on the region.

When the time came to expand my knowledge beyond economics and politics, I transitioned into events. Leveraging my past experience, I started with political events, before continuing into more international and cultural events.

As developing my interests has always been of great importance to me, I started to look at my skills as ‘trading goods’: How do I get what I want, with what I have?

Having worked in research, communication and branding, and being fluent in numerous languages, I looked into companies that I wanted to work for, leveraging what I had with what I thought they might need. Most jobs I have had, have not been publicly listed/ advertised.

One of my riskiest career moves was when I accepted a trainee position with the CEO. At the time, I was considering an MBA and was almost resentful of the trainee position, as I thought there would be little added value to my CV. But after listening to some very valuable advice, I decided to take this opportunity and see it as an alternative to an MBA.

"Risks are opportunities"

In hindsight, that was really one of the best decisions of my career. The trainee position opened many doors for me: new projects, new leadership possibilities, new countries, etc… It broadened my horizons, it gave me confidence to take risks, it developed both my soft and hard skills, and it gave me great insights into how big corporations work.

I continued working in Communications and Brands and grew in leadership and seniority, changing sectors several times: Investment banking, Telecoms / Digital lifestyle and finally a music company.

My latest transition happened within my current company, Deezer. I started as Head of Corporate Communications and recently took on a completely new role, which requires me to build a team and lead the Business Intelligence and Analytics department.

I’ve always strived to encourage my colleagues to value their skills and recognise their potential to evolve. I will continue to advocate for such recognition through my new role at Deezer and any future companies.


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What was the biggest learning from all your transitions?

Trading skills is the trade between the goal you trying to reach in your career and what is that the company need you could provide them

What advice would you give to someone going after a big transition?

Don’t question your capacity!


Shall we finish with an advice for someone starting a career transition?

Have an open minded and very positive attitude. Most things you can learn.